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NBA Shooting Coach David Nurse


Come get your jumper on at Perfect Shots.

“Send in Your Shot”

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Come get your jumper on at Perfect Shots.

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Gold - Live & Personal One-on-One Experience

$499Great way to get ready for Basketball Season!
  • An in-depth FaceTime or Skype call with Coach Nurse personally
  • Direct 1-on-1 feedback on your shot w/ personal report sent after
  • A recording of your video call to have and review anytime
  • Customized drills, daily routines personally for your shooting development
  • Everything Coach Nurse does with his NBA players, exactly the same with you
  • Tricks, tips, secrets Coach Nurse has used to develop over 100 NBA players

Silver - In Depth Personal Feedback Directly to You

  • A 3-minute personalized video from Coach Nurse on your jump shot
  • A personalized scouting report on your jumper
  • 2-3 shooting adjustments
  • Tailored shooting videos to aid your development

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