David Nurse International Academy 2017

Looking for the opportunity to play college basketball?

Get the most exposure possible in front of top college coaches and college coaches of all levels, experience the exact life of a college basketball player at UCLA, interact with their coaches and players while training with NBA Shooting & Skill Development Coach David Nurse, and showcase your skills at the top Nike development camp in the country – Snow Valley, then this is exactly the spot you NEED to be.

The Schedule July 19-30



  • Individual:  $2500
  • Team of 6 or more:  $2000 (per player)
  • Early Bird Discount price: (if registered before March 15)  $2000 for Individual   $1800 for Team of 6 or more (per player)
***With a team of 6 or more – the team’s coach will also be allowed to come and coach the team in the AAU Tournament, attend all camps, learn from the best coaches in the country.

Email david@perfectshots.com with the following to find out if you qualify:

Full Name *

Email *

Date of birth *

Grade you are entering *

Country *

Position you play *

Link to highlights of on court play *

***If you come with a team of 6 or more you will all be able to play on the same team. You will get a discount to the International Academy, and your coach will be able to come with as well***

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