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Through years and years of training of 100 NBA players, traveling to over 35 countries teaching the game of basketball, one of the most sought after Shooting/Development Guru on the planet has put together his top 3 training packages. Each package is specific for a certain need, put all 3 together and you get exactly what it takes to become ELITE!

12 Steps to the Perfect Shooter

  • Step by step process of how to shoot the perfect shot
  • Video breakdown instruction from David Nurse
  • Daily Vitamin Drills to continue to work on every day
  • Money back if you DON’T see your shot improve

100 NBA skills and drills

  • Exact drills David uses with his NBA and NCAA players
  • Detailed slow mo breakdown of how to do each move
  • Challenging drills to always continue to improve your game
  • Learn new go-to moves to raise your points per game!
  • Money back if you DON’T develop your overall offensive game


  • In depth breakdown of how to play off the ball and on the ball
  • Making multiple reads and quick decisions in the P&R
  • Tricks of how to use screens and create more space and more shots
  • How to become the hardest to guard offensive player on the floor
  • Money back if you DON’T raise your overall basketball IQ

Get all three videos toghther

  • Package of all 3 bought together

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