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We deliver private in-home & Pilates in the workplace in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa

Santé Active helps you to save time and offers you private in-home Pilates and Pilates in the workplace in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Ottawa. What is private in-home Pilates?  On a yoga mat, you will do a series of movements that will stabilize and strengthen your core. The moves take precision and control; there is a strong emphasis on technique and awareness. With Pilates, you will get stronger toned with a focus on your core and it will help your flexibility. Our private in-home and corporate Pilates classes are available in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Montreal.

You will get stronger, more sculpted muscles and gain flexibility. You may also have better posture and a better sense of well-being. Pilates is not aerobic which means you will not be out of breath during the classes. It can be effective for injury rehabilitation. It is not the type of workout where you sweat. It’s all about concentration and breathing. But you will definitely feel it in your muscles during each exercise.

We can help you organize your Pilates classes at the place and time of your choice

We can teach 45 minutes or 60 minutes classes. Our instructors will adapt their classes following your health condition and fitness level. All you need is a mat.

Create your own Pilates classes with friends or family and our instructors will make you exercise at the location that is most convenient for you. Chose our dynamic and energetic team of Pilates instructors for a fun and effective workout. For Pilates classes at your workplace, your school, your senior retirement home or for private classes.

For private in-home private & workplace Pilates in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa

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Corporate & In-Home Pilates Classes Toronto Ottawa Calgary and Montreal


Pilates Teacher in Toronto - Mila

We offer corporate Pilates, home private Pilates, and Pilates for the senior retirement homes in Toronto

We have a team of Pilates instructors in the Toronto area. If you are looking for corporate Pilates or private Pilates classes contact us.  Let us introduce you to Mila one of our instructors.

I am a certified Pilates teacher, being able to teach beginner and intermediate classes to all ages. Ruth Dargan is my Pilates teacher, who runs the yoga conference at the Metro Convention Center every year. I volunteer there every year to learn more about our physical body.

I love Pilates.  As a

Pilates Instructor Toronto - Diana

Pilates to your workplace or private classes at your home in Toronto

We have a team of Pilates instructors in the Toronto area and we can offer corporate Pilates, in-home Pilates and also Pilates to seniors retirement homes. Let Santé Active introduce you to Diana one of our instructors in the Toronto area.

I have been teaching Pilates since 2011. Clients and myself included have experienced more strength, mobility, endurance and overall confidence since making Pilates part of a personal wellness regime.

Pilates is also beneficial for providing optimal back care for the body. I have witnessed

Pilates Instructor in Toronto - Shira

For corporate Pilates or Pilates to your home or for seniors in Toronto

If you are looking for corporate Pilates or private in-home Pilates in the Toronto area contact us!  We have a team of Pilates instructors near you. Let Santé Active introduce you to Shira one of our instructors.

Shira is a certified Mat Pilates instructor from Toronto, Ontario. She has over a decade of experience practicing Mat Pilates, Yoga and Yogilates. A lifelong competitive dancer and dance instructor, Shira was introduced to Pilates as a restorative, safe and effective method for building strength and stability

Pilates Instructor Toronto - Sarah

We offer corporate Pilates and Pilates for seniors in Toronto

With our team of Pilates instructors, we offer corporate Pilates, home private Pilates, and Pilates for seniors in Toronto.  Let Santé Active introduce you to Sarah one of our instructors in the Toronto area.

Sarah is an exceptional Pilates Instructor. Teaching Group and Private classes for 17 years, Sarah is experienced with many ages and abilities, with workouts that strengthen deep core muscles that support good posture, better balance, and optimal movement. Sarah works in physiotherapy clinics so is used to rehabilitative needs

Corporate Yoga & Pilates Montreal - Pilates and yoga Instructor Jacqueline

We offer corporate yoga and corporate Pilates in Montreal

We can bring your yoga or Pilates lessons to your workplace in Montreal. Let us introduce you to Jacqueline who can teach yoga and Pilates at your office.

Jacqueline is a bilingual multifaceted instructor and Reiki practitioner with 10 years of coaching experience; she specializes in the following fitness and wellness activities

  • Kemetic Yoga - Certified & recognized by Yoga Alliance
  • PiYo Live: A fitness program inspired by Pilates and Yoga - Beachbody; LLC
  • Rhythmic gymnastics - La Fédération de Gymnastique  du Québec

In her classes, you

Fitness Instructor and Pilates Instructor in Toronto - Gabriela

Are you looking for a fitness instructor or a Pilates instructor in Toronto for your home or workplace 

Gabriela is a certified fitness instructor and Pilates instructor in Toronto.  She has been helping others through Pilates, stretching and dance for many years.

She began teaching Pilates at the young age of 19 and it has helped her and her clients gain strength, flexibility, and balance, which improved their sense of well-being and health. Gabriela also has more than 10 years of dance experience, which widely contributed to her fitness classes. She believes that moving the body is the best

Pilates Instructor Toronto - Fahmida

Are you looking for private or corporate Pilates classes in Toronto?

If you are looking for Private Pilates or Corporate Pilates in Toronto Contact us.  Our Pilates instructor Fahmida has been teaching movement for 12+ years. She trained and received her certification in IMT, Pilates Mat, and Reformer at Second Wind Pilates Plus (Port Credit, Ontario) by Daniele Belec in 2005. Fahmida continued her education with numerous Pilates workshops at Body Harmonics Pilates, including her Caddilac and Chair certification in 2016. She received her personal training and holistic lifestyle coaching

Pilates Instructor in Toronto - Robin

We offer private Pilates lessons and Pilates in the workplace in Toronto

If you are searching for a Pilates Instructor in Toronto for in-home private Pilates lessons or workplace Pilates let us introduce you to Robin.

Pilates is a style of movement that focuses on strengthening and lengthening the spine with emphasis on the abdominals in the front body and the multifidus in the back body the pelvic floor which also aids in supporting the internal organs.  Pilates is a series of moves that flow from one to another which can also build cardio.  The practice is a brain-body connection looking

Pilates Instructor Montreal - Sarah

Are you looking for corporate Pilates or in-home private Pilates in Montréal?

If you are searching for an instructor for corporate Pilates or private classes in Montreal, we can help you! We have a team of instructors who can travel to the location and time of your choice. Let Santé Active introduce you to Sarah who is a member of our team of Pilates instructors in Montreal.

Since the age of 10, Sarah has immersed herself in the world of the arts and dance. She began her studied at National Ballet School of Canada. She further pursued her studies with the Aspirant program at the Royal Winnipeg