The prestige to separate yourself from other area programs working directly with an NBA Shooting Coach. This type of commitment to your program stands out to players and families

Monthly shooting challenge videos, competitions, high IQ development videos for the players to continue to challenge themselves daily

Weekly emails only for Family Members of inside info from the NBA & top level NCAA coaches on the latest trends, strategies, in depth behind the scenes info that David Nurse gets from his close contacts to gain the upper hand

25% discount off both ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’ versions of Send in Your Shot – where you’re players will get the exact same breakdown for their shooting development that NBA Shooting Coach David Nurse gives to his top NBA players

10% of all Send in Your Shot comes back to you and your program as a fundraiser (essentially your program will make the $500 back very quickly)

10% of all Send in Your Shot goes to basketbal LIFE – nonprofit foundation providing underprivileged kids throughout the United States and 3rd world countries with shoes, clothes, basketballs, building courts to keep them off the streets. A great opportunity to give back for a great cause!


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