Perfect Shots, Inc. –Privacy Policy

As of September 8 2016

We started Perfect Shots to help basketball players get better at shooting the basketball!  We are committed to this mission and excited to help players and teams become great.

With this in mind – we want to make it clear that our company, Perfect Shots, Inc. – and all associated services of our company: “Send in Your Shot”, our website, etc. – is a service for adults.  We need parent/adult/coach involvement every step of the way in your child’s skill development.  All visitors to our website who submit videos must be adults over 18; parents/guardians must join their child/minor on the feedback video calls with Perfect Shots, Inc. coaches; all email communication for admin/scheduling/scouting reports/feedback will be handled between Perfect Shots, Inc. and parents/adults through an adult’s email address; and adults – coaches or parents – pay for our services through our website.

We do not collect any information from minors.  All information collected about an adult or minor by Perfect Shots, Inc. is supplied by adults/parents.

We will not receive and will not process any videos/footage or communication from minors. 

If at any time a customer/parent/adult using Perfect Shots, Inc. services no longer wishes to have videos of their child/minor stored on our site or the sites of one of the third party services we use, he/she may request the removal of this content by emailing: billy, and this content will be removed immediately.

For reference, all adults/parents who pay for and submit basketball videos of their children are asked to check a box acknowledging they have agreed to our Terms of Service.  A copy of these Terms may be found at checkout.

Any questions on this privacy policy may be directed to:

Perfect Shots, Inc.

Business Address: Perfect Shots, Inc., 3402 175th Ave. NE, Redmond, WA  98052

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